Care and Maintenance of the OOAK dolls:

Your OOAK doll is a one of a kind piece of art, and should be treated like one. Keep it in a well ventilated area that doesn’t get too hot. Because your doll is vinyl, it can warp and melt with heat.


Her hair may be adhered to her scalp with hot glue. Do not brush her hair if she has been left in the heat. Put her in the freezer for 20 minutes to make sure the glue is not softened if she has been left in the heat. Hot car rides can melt glue on her scalp or other places she might have glue applications.


Be careful not to put it under anything heavier than the doll itself, including other dolls in the heat/summer or in your car. Best storage if your doll did not come with its own box, is in a shoe box that fit comfortably and is sturdy enough to not be crushed under equal weight. For smudges or dirt, we recommend using alcohol on a cotton swab. If that isn’t sufficient, try dipping the cotton swab in some warm soapy water.


All outfits are hand sewn and can be removed. We recommend hand washing with cold, mild soapy water and line drying.

If you have heavy damage to your doll, please feel free to contact us at – we’d love to help you preserve your treasure.