Offering classes in:

  1. Matching reversible purses (for 18″ dolls and owner) (10.00 per participant)
  2. simple doll dress 18″ doll (5.00 per participant)
  3. simple doll dress 12″ doll (barbie/disney/Monster High) (3.00 per participant)
  4. fancy doll dress 12″ doll (barbie/disney/Monster High) (5.00 per participant)
  5. Special request ($ to be determined)

Requirements are a 50$ deposit (covers host fee), 50$ host fee, prepayment for material (based on amount of participants enrolled and which class enrolled in), and sewing machines for every 2 participants, space for the amount of participants (you provide the venue), and chairs for each participant.  Participants encouraged to bring dolls they wish to make the clothing for/for fitting.  The host will bring tables.

All classes will have patterns and are basic sewing classes.  Fancy dress and matching reversible purses are slightly more expensive than the simple dresses due to amount of fabric required.